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*Quality: However, the Otomix Ultimate Trainer sports shoe is not only visually very cool and modern, but also has a top quality that is very appreciated by bodybuilders and also other fitness enthusiasts. Collaborating with experienced athletes and fitness professionals during the design process can lead to a more effective and well-received bodybuilding shoe. A secure and adjustable lacing system is important for a personalized and snug fit. This helps in preventing the foot from sliding inside the shoe during lifts.
*Fabric & Comfortable: The angled sole for maximum muscle building and they are very comfortable! This shoe offers everyone the optimal support and an unlimited range of motion. Adequate ventilation is important to keep the feet cool during intense workouts. Breathable materials and mesh panels can help in this regard. Some weightlifting shoes feature a midfoot strap for additional support and a customizable fit. This can help secure the midfoot during heavy lifts. Adequate ankle support is crucial for stability during exercises like squats and deadlifts. A shoe design that offers support around the ankle, without restricting mobility, can be beneficial.
*Cut, Style & Form: Due to the neutral colours, this shoe fits almost on any leggings, jogging pants, short shorts and also on jeans of all kinds. This, the sporty chic shoe can not only be used for sports activities, but also in leisure time. While weightlifting shoes typically have minimal cushioning, a certain level of shock absorption can be beneficial to reduce the impact on joints during jumps or plyometric exercises. The outsole should be flat, providing maximum contact with the ground. A non-slip or high-traction pattern ensures a secure grip, especially on gym surfaces. The upper part of the shoe should be durable, offering stability and support to the foot during various movements. Materials like synthetic leather or mesh can provide a combination of strength and breathability.
*Design: Shoe has been designed specifically for weightlifting or powerlifting and incorporates the new High-Performance Bodybuilding system. The HPB system provides a combination of comfort and support, utilizing a unique wraparound strap adjusted by our innovative lacing system. Creating a high-performance bodybuilding shoe involves considering several factors that contribute to stability, support, comfort, and functionality during weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises. Testing and feedback from athletes are crucial in refining the design to meet the specific needs of bodybuilders.
*Season: All season shoes
*Sport: The Carbonite Ultimate Trainer Shoes are ideal for squats, deadlifts and leg workouts. This shoe is a must for serious bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters.
*Brand: Otomix
*Country of origin: USA

Product Details:
*Your size: This shoe style fits true to size and is great for wider feet. For a perfect fit, we recommend a half to one size larger.
*Care instructions: Machine wash
*Material: Stoffart ist aus 100% Polyester.. Outer material is made of leather and synthetic. Rubber sole material gives you extra comfort and support for the ankles. The angled sole helps to maximize muscle building. An angled sole typically refers to the design of the bottom surface of a shoe, particularly the sole of athletic or sports shoes. The sole is said to be "angled" when it has a slope or incline from the heel to the toe. This design is often seen in running shoes, cross-training shoes, and other athletic footwear. An angled sole can contribute to a smoother heel-to-toe transition, potentially reducing the impact on the heel during each step. This feature is especially beneficial for runners, as it may help minimize stress on the joints. The slope can contribute to better stability and balance by promoting a natural and controlled foot movement. In athletic shoes, an angled sole is often designed to optimize performance in specific sports or activities by providing the right balance between cushioning, support, and responsiveness. It's important to note that the design and purpose of angled soles can vary between different types of athletic shoes and brands. Additionally, not all athletic shoes have angled soles, as different shoe designs cater to different preferences, foot types, and intended uses. 

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