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*Quality: Otomix has been producing high-quality fitness shoes for extreme sports since 1988. Otomix training shoes are worn by well-known athletes and bodybuilders worldwide, but are also very popular as streetwear. Extra ankle support. The shoes are built to withstand the strain of heavy lifting. They are often made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. You can buy specialized shoes for Boxing, weightlifting, MMA, Bodybuilding, boxing, wrestling, grappling, Taekwondo, Tae-bo, Karate, Yoga, fitness, walking, and much more. The newest craze to hit the gym floor isn't that new at all; weightlifting shoes have been around since the '80s. The first company to create them was Otomix.
*Fabric & Comfortable: These ultra-lightweight shoes provide excellent support and stability with an unrestricted range of motion. They are very lightweight yet extremely durable. Most weightlifting shoes are equipped with straps or laces to keep the foot firmly in place. This contributes to stability and prevents the foot from slipping in the shoe when lifting. Athletes who are serious about weightlifting often find that they can improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury with specialized weightlifting shoes. When looking for weightlifting shoes, it is important to consider factors such as heel height, fit and overall construction to find a pair that suits your individual needs and preferences.
*Cut, Style & Form: The stylish and modern Stingrey Escape shoe. These shoes were popular when bodybuilders wore these large, light-colored, loose training pants. Soles are thin and grip well. Weightlifting shoes are constructed with a stable base to provide a solid platform for the lifter. This stability is crucial for performing lifts with proper form and reducing the risk of injury. Weightlifting shoes are designed to provide a comfortable, secure structure when lifting weights. They ensure precise movements, particularly those with a barbell.
*Design: Not only can you wear this stylish sports shoe to the gym, but you'll also turn heads in your free time with the beautiful Otomix Stingray Escape shoe. These weightlifting shoes are a special type of sports shoes that provide stability, support and special features for weightlifting activities, especially in sports such as weightlifting and powerlifting. These shoes are designed to optimize the performance and safety of weightlifters during exercises such as squats, snatches and deadlifts.
*Season: All-season shoes
*Sport: Performance workout gym shoes for spezialized extreme sports. Bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, martial arts, wrestling & MMA. Perfect shoes for squats, deadlifts and legday
*Brand: Otomix
*Country of origin: USA

Product details:
*Your size: For a perfect fit, we recommend a half to one size larger.
*Care instructions: Machine wash
*Material: Synthetic material. Rubber sole. Rubber soles are known for their excellent traction. They provide a good grip on different surfaces and are therefore suitable for various activities, including sports, outdoor activities and everyday use. Rubber is a durable material, and rubber-soled shoes are often very long-lasting. They can withstand wear and tear, making them a practical choice for anyone who engages in activities that put a lot of stress on the soles. Rubber soles offer a comfortable and flexible feel and provide a good balance between grip and cushioning. They are often used in sports shoes designed for running, walking and other physical activities. Rubber soles of all Otomix shoes are versatile and can be used in a variety of shoe styles, from sneakers and hiking boots to dressy shoes and casual slip-ons. They ensure good contact with the ground and thus enable a perfect workout.

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