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*Quality: The Original "Lite" slip-on shoe from Otomix. However, slip-on shoes in general are a type of footwear that lacks laces or fasteners and can be easily slipped onto the foot. They are known for their convenience and comfort, making them popular casual and leisure shoes. Karate shoes should provide the necessary support for martial arts activities and be durable enough to withstand training. Otomix is indeed known for producing martial arts shoes, including those designed for karate. Their karate shoes are crafted to meet the specific needs of martial arts practitioners, providing features that enhance performance and comfort during training and competitions.
*Fabric & Comfortable: The Jay Cutler Limited Edition bodybuilding weightlifting karate shoe offers superoor comfort, stability and support for the specific demands of bodybuilding and weightlifting. Super lightweight with a flexible sole so you can feel the floor. Karate shoes need to provide the necessary flexibility for various kicks and footwork. Made from lightweight and breathable materials to enhance comfort. Leather, synthetic materials, or a combination of both may be used to provide flexibility and durability. Flexibility is a key aspect of karate shoes. They should allow for a full range of motion, especially in the toes and midfoot area, to accommodate various kicking and footwork techniques.
*Cut, Style & Form: The Original features the famous indoor/outdoor Stingray sole that wraps the foot for balance and kicking power. Karate shoes typically have thin and flat soles to allow for better ground feel and ease of movement. Breathability is important to keep the feet comfortable during extended training sessions. A secure and snug fit is essential for stability and preventing the shoes from slipping during dynamic movements. Many karate shoes have features like elastic or adjustable closures to achieve a secure fit. Karate shoes often incorporate breathable materials to keep the feet cool during training. This is achieved through the use of mesh or perforated panels that allow air circulation. While maintaining a lightweight, shoes are also made to be durable enough to withstand the stresses of training and frequent use.
*Design: The first shoe produced by Otomix over 28 years ago, is now new and improved. Featuring a durable construction and designed to optimize performance. A well-designed sole can contribute to comfort during various karate techniques. It's essential to consider individual preferences and requirements when choosing karate shoes. Some practitioners may prefer a minimalist design for better control, while others may prioritize additional cushioning for comfort during long training sessions. Karate shoes often have a low-profile design, meaning they are not bulky. This design allows for better agility and a closer connection to the ground, facilitating precise movements. Shoes are designed to be lightweight, allowing for quick and agile movements. Heavy shoes could hinder a practitioner's ability to execute kicks and other techniques effectively.
*Season: All season shoes
*Sport: A perfect shoe for MMA, Taekwondo, Karate, Bodybuilding, Yoga and Judo. The shoe is the perfect companion for heavy training sessions. 
*Brand: Otomix
*Country of origin: USA

Product Details:
*Your size: For a perfect fit, we recommend a half to one size larger.
*Care instructions: Machine wash

*Material: Synthetic leather. Rubber sole. Rubber soles are known for their excellent traction. They provide a good grip on different surfaces and are therefore suitable for various activities, including sports, outdoor activities and everyday use. Rubber is a durable material, and rubber-soled shoes are often very long-lasting. They can withstand wear and tear, making them a practical choice for anyone who engages in activities that put a lot of stress on the soles. Rubber soles offer a comfortable and flexible feel and provide a good balance between grip and cushioning. They are often used in sports shoes designed for running, walking and other physical activities. Rubber soles of all Otomix shoes are versatile and can be used in a variety of shoe styles, from sneakers and hiking boots to dressy shoes and casual slip-ons. They ensure good contact with the ground and thus enable a perfect workout.

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