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*Quality: A neoprene compression sleeve can be used when training the upper body and is especially helpful for heavy pressing movements such as bench presses and shoulder presses and for arm exercises including bicep curls and tricep extensions.
*Fabric & Comfortable: The sleeve is made with reinforced stitching. Elbow sleeve by Schiek Sports helps support the tendons of the elbow during exercise which reduces tension and pressure on these tendons therefore relieving inflammation and pain often associated with tendonitis.
*Cut, Style & Form: The Schiek model 1136ES elbow sleeve supports the elbow and is made with breathable neoprene which is washable and expels moisture. By increasing warmth and providing compression to the tendons of the elbow with the use of an elbow sleeve, this pain can be reduced. Please note that the elbow sleeves are sold as singles.
*Design: Elbow sleeve are designed to provides warmth and elbow support during weight training exercises such as bench presses, shoulder presses, bicep curls and tricep extensions. A weight lifter experiencing tendonitis often feels an uncomfortable pain on the inside of the elbow especially on the first few sets of a workout.
*Kind of sport: Bodybuilding, fitness and for the weight training
*Brand: Schiek Sports INC
*Country of origin: USA

Product details:
*Sizes: For sizing, measure around your flexed bicep:
S: Up to 12"
M: 12" - 14"
L: 14" - 16"
L/XL: 16"-18"  
XL: 18" - 20"
XXL: Over 20" 
*Care instructions:
Hand wash with mild detergent only and air dry.
*Material: Neoprene

If you are not sure about choosing size, write to us now.
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*Or you can call us on Hotline number: 0800 180 372