Sometimes you feel like you can do more push-ups, more reps when doing deadlifts in the gym. But unfortunately you can't. SCHIEK Sport`s straps are just what you need. They will give you safety and a firmer grip when lifting weights and when doing push-ups on the shaft. SCHIEK Sport`s INC offers you the best straps in different versions, materials, colours and sizes. Some straps are made of leather and are very common among exercisers. Many years of experience have shown that in many exercises the muscles of the hands and forearms are very weak and that they greatly prevent the development of strength of larger muscle groups. That is why straps are always recommended and are a necessary part of the equipment, especially when it comes to deadlift exercises. To prevent weights from slipping out of your hand, we suggest our straps, with which your training will be safer and more efficient, and heavier weights will be a thing of the past for you.
Warranty: 1 year.
Country of origin: USA.
Walk Like A Pro GmbH - Your general representative of Schiek Sport`s INC for Switzerland.
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