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*Quality: Our Platinum Series gloves offer you maximum support during your workout.
*Fabric & Comfort: The gloves are made from synthetic leather, are washable and specially crafted for safe training. These gloves feature gel padding for added comfort and patented "fins" for easy removal.
*Cut, Style & Form:  Easy off Finger Pulls to remove gloves quickly after a hard workout. The special feature of the gloves is the patented fin system for effortless removal as well as the special gel padding and non-slip palm area.
*Design: The Schiek Sports Women's Model 520 Platium Series Weight Lifting Gloves are a top lifting glove designed specifically for women.
*Season: For four seasons
*Sport: Bodybuilding, fitness and for strength training
*Brand: Schiek Sports INC
*Country of origin: USA

Product Details:
XS: 6" - 7" palm
S: 7" - 8" palm
S/M: 7.5" - 8.5" palm
*Care instructions: Wash the gloves yourself with light detergent and machine dry if they start to smell with repeated use. However, please note that washing is difficult when sewing and gloves.
*Material: Synthetic leather

If you are not sure about the size, write to us now.
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*Or you can call us on the hotline number: 0800 180 372