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*Quality: Introducing the Schiek Model 425F Power Series Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps & Full Finger Protection – your ultimate companion for intense workouts and weightlifting sessions. Our Power Series gloves offer you maximum support during your workout. The glove puts a barrier between sweaty hands and the bar and greatly increases gripping power which means more weight, more reps and more gains! Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner looking to elevate your training regimen, the Schiek Model 425F Power Series Lifting Gloves with Wrist Wraps & Full Finger Protection are the perfect choice for anyone serious about their fitness journey. Invest in your performance, comfort, and safety – choose Schiek for superior quality and performance. Whether you're lifting dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells, these gloves provide the traction you need for maximum efficiency.
*Fabric & Comfort: Say goodbye to sweaty palms and discomfort, and stay focused on reaching your fitness goals. Velcro hook and loop closure keeps glove and wrap fully secured at all times. Using wrist wraps during your weight training or bodyweight training regime will help support the wrists keeping the bones better aligned which can alleviate pain and prevent injury. Built to withstand the rigors of frequent use, the Schiek Model 425F Power Series Lifting Gloves are crafted with high-quality materials that offer long-lasting durability. Constructed with durable materials and reinforced stitching, they offer comprehensive protection to your hands, keeping them safe from abrasions and discomfort.
*Cut, Style & Form: Adjustable for a personalized fit, they ensure optimal stability and alignment for enhanced performance.The integrated wrist wraps provide unparalleled support to your wrists, minimizing the risk of strain or injury during heavy lifts. Easy off Finger Pulls to remove gloves quickly after a hard workout. Schiek 425 Power Series Full Finger Workout Gloves feature a gel padded palm and thumb as well as a heavy-duty neoprene wrist wrap for added support during workouts. The textured palm surface of the gloves offers a superior grip on weights and equipment, allowing you to maintain control and focus throughout your workout. Say goodbye to calluses and blisters with the full finger coverage of these gloves. 
*Design: Engineered with precision and crafted for performance, these gloves are designed to enhance your grip, wrist stability, and hand protection, allowing you to push your limits with confidence. Designed for fitness training with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and selectorized machines. To endure the demands of your toughest workouts, ensuring reliable performance session after session. Stay cool and comfortable during intense training sessions thanks to the breathable materials and ventilation channels incorporated into the design.
*Season: For four seasons
*Sport: Bodybuilding, fitness and for strength training
*Brand: Schiek Sports INC
*Country of origin: USA

Product Details:
XS: 6" - 7" palm
S: 7" - 8" palm

M: 8" - 9" palm
L: 9" - 10" palm
XL: 10" - 11" palm
XXL: 11" - 12" palm
*Care instructions: The durable synthetic leather gloves are washable, non-bleeding and have a rubberized non-slip palm area.
*Material: Breathable mesh to help keep hands cooler. Durable Amara synthetic leather palm with gel padding throughout palm and thumb.

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