Do you have problems with calluses on your hands? Do you feel the weights slipping out of your palms that sweat during training? Most exercisers have this problem. Then you are in the right place. Schiek Sport`s offers you the best gloves on the market which, thanks to their gel base, provide you with top quality and great comfort during use. Just because of the extra gel foundation, you won't have a problem with your weights slipping out of your palms. Some gloves are made with the possibility of bandaging the joints, with the aim of keeping your wrists healthy for a long time, especially in your late years. Your palms are swollen after each of your workouts, due to the large and fast blood flow. That is why the gloves are made so that they have fins (extensions) on their fingers, which will help you to take them off easily after training. Unlike many gloves that you can find on the market today, our gloves are built with strong seams, which greatly extends their lifespan. The gloves are made of synthetic leather and can be washed. Due to all these characteristics, the gloves will give you the best training, and due to their quality, they cannot be compared to any gloves from other brands.

Warranty: 1 year.
Country of origin: USA.
Walk Like A Pro GmbH - Your general representative of Schiek Sport`s INC for Switzerland.

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